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Helping Respiratory and Sleep Labs treat more patients with less admin.

The Rezibase story and key difference

Rezibase has been developed over the past 8 years by experienced respiratory scientists to meet a critical need in clinical physiology labs (Respiratory, Sleep and others) for an effective and efficient lab data management system. Rezibase is in use in many Australian teaching hospitals and private laboratories.

Here is what Peter Rochford, founder of Rezibase, has to say: 
“There are many overlaps and synergies between the cardiology, respiratory and sleep fields, including workflows, handing of clinical data, process automation and integration with hospital-wide systems. The substantial expertise and resources of Cardiobase enhances and provides a solid future for Rezibase.” 

Improved patient care

By removing double entry between systems, printing and scanning you can increase the efficiency of your lab, meaning you get to do what you are best at, treating patients!

Scientifically designed modules

Capture the right information at the right time with the latest in respiratory science. The modular design of Rezibase means that as your lab grows, you can expand the solution to meet your needs. 

Industry leading support

Users will feel supported as they contact our team with a great understanding your business and how you use our products. Get back on track quickly with knowledgeable support team and responsiveness. 

Integration benefits

  • Save time from double entering data between systems, printing and scanning
  • Reduce data entry error, by getting the information directly from the source automatically
  • Improve billing capture
  • Share reports instantly
  • Keep demographics up to date automatically
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