At Bird Healthcare, we are passionate and excited to offer distribution and partnership opportunities to organisations looking to expand their current product offering. Bird Healthcare is constantly on the lookout for new organisations willing to represent our products internationally and locally.

Our partnerships with distributors are not static. We believe we exemplify our company slogan ‘Partners in Growth’ by delivering distributors with unparalleled support. Not only does Bird Healthcare offer upcoming and established distributors, quality medical products grounded in scientific credibility, 

we also understand the importance of providing practical, market specific support.
For more information on how to become a distributor, contact Bird Healthcare today at sales@birdhealthcare.com


Bird Healthcare is a B2B and OEM equipment provider to some of the worlds most renowned companies

At Bird Healthcare, we are proud of the world class products we’ve created, and we value our partners that allow our products to meet those in need.

Our team at Bird Healthcare have worked with various multinational companies across the world, including pharmaceutical companies, to come up with complete customised product solutions. Our OEM solutions give our customers a uniquely branded product, and one which encompasses all the unique and clinically superior Bird Healthcare features.  All Bird Healthcare products are designed and developed at our head office in Melbourne, Australia.  

At Bird Healthcare, we also work on joint product development projects with various commercial and reasearch based organisations. As experienced designers and manufacturers, our team has the capability to bring to life product concepts which otherwise would not have the grafting to get them off the ground.

For more information, contact our Bird Healthcare OEM team today at info@birdhealthcare.com


At Bird Healthcare, we offer employees the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and exciting team. All of our Bird Healthcare employees are treated like individuals, not just another cog in the wheel. Bird Healthcare is committed to offering people personalised support and professional development on their career journey. 

Job Opportunities

Please check our LinkedIn for potential opportunities to join our growing team or for more information, please email us at info@birdhealthcare.com